New!! Effigy design process!

Call For Effigy Proposals!!

We are asking you, yes YOU, for your effigy design ideas!

Starting this year, we are taking a new approach to the effigy submission process.  We are looking for submissions of design proposals, to include a title, a paragraph describing your proposal, a description of any interactive elements you envision including, and supporting sketches.  
The submitter of the selected design will then work with an experienced team of effigy builders to see to the execution of their design.  Budget and construction details will be left to those who have done it before and know how to make effigies happen.  
We want your ideas!

  1. Submissions

    1. Timeline – Effigy proposal submissions will be accepted from the time the theme is announced at Decompression through a date on or about January 15, as determined by the EC’s, Board, Effigy Construction, and FAST leads.

    2. Requirements – Proposals should consist of the following.

      1. Title

      2. Description – A paragraph describing the intent and appearance of the piece.

      3. Interactivity – A description of any interactive elements the designer would like to incorporate.

      4. Supporting Sketches – Any sketches or illustrations which help to portray the intent of the designer.

    3. Eligibility – ANYONE is eligible to submit an effigy design, including EC’s, Board, Effigy Construction Team, and FAST members.

  2. Selection

    1. Screening – Submissions will be screened by the Effigy Construction Lead/Co-lead, and the FAST team.  These teams will provide feedback to the EC’s on feasibility and any details relevant to the execution of each proposal.

    2. Final Decision

      1. Final Decision will be made by the EC’s, taking in consideration relevance to the theme, artistic merit, interactivity, feasibility, and any other factors deemed relevant.

      2. In the event that a design submitted by an EC is being considered, the submitter will be excluded from the final decision process.

      3. The Board (excluding members who may have designs under consideration) may be called on to break a deadlock if required.

    3. Timeline – Final decision will be made by February 1.

To submit your effigy design proposal click here.